About IDA Texas

International Dark-Sky Association’s Mission

IDA’s mission is to preserve and protect the nighttime environment and our heritage of dark skies through environmentally responsible outdoor lighting.

Our Goals

  • Advocate for the protection of the night sky
  • Educate the public and policymakers about night sky conservation
  • Promote environmentally responsible outdoor lighting
  • Empower the public with the tools and resources to help bring back the night

About the IDA Texas Chapter

The IDA Texas Chapter has updated its organization!

 IDA and a group of Texas based IDA members have established an updated framework around our network of IDA advocates in Texas to do two main things:

  1. Support each other and new advocates, and
  2. Share ideas, documents, processes – whatever is helpful in advocating for the goals of IDA

IDA Texas is now set up as Single Member Limited Liability Company (SMLLC) managed by IDA. Our Chapter will have as many advocates as want to join but the “Single Member LLC” means there is a single manager (owner) of the legal entity – that owner being IDA.  Our Texas Chapter is led by a Board of Managers made up of advocates representing various areas of the state.

The Board of Managers must be IDA members in good standing. Because Texas is such a large state, in addition to the Chapter Director, Secretary, Treasurer and Past Director, Regional Managers will be established to complete the membership of the Board of Managers. The Board will oversee IDA Texas Chapter as a whole. Each Regional Manager will be responsible for communicating within their region and represent their region on the Board of Managers. IDA Texas Regional Managers will work together on the Board of Managers to develop strategies and tactics for the overall IDA Texas Chapter.

Each Regional Manager should:

  • Be knowledgeable about and/or willing to learn about the resources available for use and contacts in and around their region to advocate for IDA.
  • Have knowledge about many of the resources available from IDA.
  • Be able to answer questions from new advocates and direct them to additional resources.
  • Establish region-wide communications with as many of the IDA advocates in their region as possible.
  • Be the voice at IDA Texas Chapter meetings for all the other advocates in their region.
  • Encourage advocates to join IDA.

It is important that all active IDA members who live in Texas will be encouraged to log into the online quarterly meetings.

Our hope is that by strengthening collaboration across the state, the IDA Texas Chapter will be positioned to be an even more effective entity for dark sky advocacy. By having Regional Managers to help connect new members to local activities, it will facilitate expansion of the advocate base.

Click here for the Board of Managers of the IDA Texas Chapter